Meet Kimo, The High Seer Who Doesn’t Do Fear

Kimo, known as @TheLightSeer on TikTok, is a psychic medium and educator who uses his platform to make the paranormal palatable.

Kimo AKA @TheLightSeer on TikTok.

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From the time he was three years old, Kimo could communicate with spirits. From there, his abilities only progressed.

Kimo is known on the mainland as a professional psychic medium but when he goes back to his home islands of Hawaii, he’s culturally known as a high seer. In his words, a high seer is someone who is able to communicate psychically, someone who is able to communicate in terms of mediumship — being in between spirit and the living — but is most dominantly someone who communicates with the energy within the system and around the system.

Kimo has been an educator for over 20 years, and in addition to having clients all over the world, Kimo uses his TikTok account to educate people on how to move through fear, channel their abilities, and more.

Get to know more about Kimo and his abilities.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what kind of content you make on TikTok?

I am a born medium. I was born this way. I started to speak and communicate — in recordings — with spirit at the age of three. This is not new, this is not my first rodeo. That just continued and progressed. Now, I grew up believing I was just a clairvoyant medium who could communicate to spirit; being in the middle between the living and nonliving. I didn’t realize until I grew up that my abilities kept on advancing — and that was very scary for me as a kid. I kept on seeing more and sensing more and more. It usually stops at spirit for a lot of psychics but for me, it doesn’t, which is what culturally identifies me as a high seer because I haven't found my ceiling yet. Which means it’s not just spirit energy in this space, cosmic energy plays into that. It’s all of the wacky crazy stuff that you think.

From everything you experience, how much do you put on TikTok?

So what I put on TIkTok is a very palatable version of what spirit energy and energy is. So I try to make energy and spirit very accessible by moving through the realm of knowledge and information as opposed to fear. We know we’re all afraid of the things that go bump in the night because they are scary — they're 100% terrifying — but for me, as a child who grew up seeing everything go bump in the night and being a very terrified kid, as I grew up I realized, wait a second, we can look through what our lens of fear is and we can see what the actual communication is instead of just “boo!’

It seems like every psychic’s abilities are a bit different. What are yours?

When it comes to psychic mediums, yes, it’s communication to people who have passed on, it’s also communication by using your supersensories. Most psychics will use one or two of their supersensories. I have met some that use four; their ability to know, see, hear, and feel. For me, I use ten. I have met, in my life, only two other people who are able to do the exact same thing and it took me a very long time to know them. I have been searching my entire life to find other people who are intuitively the same way who are moving beyond four [supersensories]. So now, not only as a high seer/psychic medium, I’m also an educator. I do this professionally. I try to help other psychics learn more about their own abilities. Every single individual on this planet has some unique ability, usually just untapped.

I was watching your videos and you do a great job on educating people and stopping the spread of misinformation in the paranormal space.

Thank you. I accompany a lot of paranormal investigators and I watch all their gadgets that they're using and a lot of them are getting some information but it’s almost like having an argument over text where you’re only getting a very streamlined version of the information, you’re not hearing all the subtext within that. So when I assist a paranormal investigation, it’s about helping them use that gadget but then amplify the experience.

Do you mind telling me a little bit more about what exactly you do when you are assisting a paranormal investigation?

When I am assisting a paranormal investigation, I ask them to not tell me any history about the place that we are going to because I like to get an unbiased perspective of what is going on. Because I am a high seer and I don’t do fear, I move through the spaces and can describe what happened – if someone had unalived themselves or if there's trauma in a place, I focus on what’s going on in the room then the paranormal investigator will validate that with “yes, this actually did happen and this is what’s going on but our spirit box is telling us to get out.” In reality, many of the times, the spirit box isn’t wanting to say “get out” but those are the only words that are programmed within that frequency. Many of the times it’s not “get out” but it’s “be careful, there’s a creaky board” or “be careful, i slipped down the stairs many times and I don’t want you to do the same thing.” It’s just a reinterpretation of fear.

Do you ever feel like having all of these abilities is overwhelming?

I felt that way growing up. I was very overwhelmed very easily by all of my abilities. I hadn’t yet learned how to turn filters on. If I turn all my abilities on all at once, I will have panic attacks, and I’ve had panic attacks since I was a kid because it’s too much information. Now I teach other individuals to do what I learned how to do, which is if I'm tuning into spirit, we’re just going to tune into your great grandmother, if you want to tune into health, we’re just going to tune into health. If you want to tune into what your abilities are, we’ll just do that. So I literally put a filter on and change my perception so I only see what I choose to see.

How did you learn to embrace your abilities? You said your first recorded experience was when you were three – do you remember that?

Yes. I remember everything. I have an unusually long memory. I remember what I was wearing when I saw what I saw. I remember the smell in the room. When I was three, I knew things that I wasn’t supposed to know — and I knew that I knew them. This energy that was around me — she was around me a lot, she gave me her first and last name when I was three. She had been in a car accident and she was always crying. She was battered and she was bruised and she had blood lacerations all over her. For some reason when I was three, I wasn’t afraid. I would see her and I would talk to her and I would call her by name. It took my parents a moment to realize I wasn’t imagining this because I was giving them details to the point where I knew she had caused the car accident, I knew what relationship she was in, I knew where it was in proximity to where I was living. I remember all of it, I remember what she looked like and everything. I remember watching her around me at all times. We all have a spirit team and I remember watching my spirit team move in and move her out. My spirit team was a woman who I thought was my grandmother (because she looked like a young version of my mother) and she gave me her name. I watched her move in, I describe it as looking like tinfoil that someone crinkled and it flashed a light, and [the woman] never came back. My parents were smart. My dad became a genealogist, researched this woman that I named, and she is my third great grandmother. Nobody knew anything about her but we found her — we had to do a DNA test — but we found her.

What is a spirit team?

The modern day interpretation of a spirit team would be your spirit guides. Not every spirit that passes over is a guide. Guides are the ones that come in that say “I am responsible for you while you are going through this”. It’s like in high school, we have homeroom teachers. They will be with you for three years, 30 years, 3 months, it just depends on what you’re going through.

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What’s something you think that living people can learn from spirits?

When you are talking to the highest frequency of spirit, they want to be allies, they want to be of assistance. Most of the time what we think we are speaking to spirits, it’s mostly just an echo, an echo that’s playing on a loop, like a broken record. Many of the times what we think of spirit is just an imprint of where they were. I’ll give you an example. I’m visiting my family in the woods right now and there’s a stretch of property about 3 miles down the road where every single time I pass this property, the person who owned it, he gave me his name – his name is Phil – literally will sit in the back of my car and I will always see him in the rearview mirror and he just sits there and just looks. And finally I asked him what are you doing? He had profound connections to that property. He’s not haunting my car, he’s not haunting me. I’m just moving through that frequency of where his echo is and as soon as I pass the border line, he’s gone.

So is an echo what people assume is a paranormal experience but it’s not?

In most of the times when you go to do a paranormal experience, you are getting an echo. You’ll hear the voices, you’ll see an apparition, it’s just an echo imprint, that’s all it is. Which means it’ll have personality traits just like the spirit did but that’s why we can trace “well this person didn’t die here, so why am I feeling these things happening?” Because you’re in an imprint or you're in a loop, which happens. They’re everywhere. Echoes happen when there is a really large emotional imprint of something, which means it’ll be the large emotional imprint of joy, like wedding days are large emotional imprints, or pain, someone gets in a car accident or something happens. There’s emotional imprints everywhere.

Do you have to set a boundary with negative spirits? Is that possible?

Absolutely. One of the things that I stress to all new practitioners but also just all individuals is that you should set a boundary and this is how we train ourselves to move outside of fear. Here’s what I learned because I saw everything that was terrifying all through high school and college until I really buckled down to train myself. What I teach everyone now is to design some kind of filter. You want to get the purest form of spirit energy, which means when you are in communication with spirit, if you say, you know what, everything must go through some sort of filter of trust, compassion, and love. Sometimes negative energy slips in the room. The filter I use is an acronym – it’s a scientific acronym of BCELL – energy must come through with benevolence, clarity, empathy, love and light. If these spirits do not come in with BCELL, get they a** out!

Did you have to learn, yourself, how to set your filter/intention? Otherwise you’d just be experiencing all of it?

Absolutely. I literally learned it the hard way. The day that I realized I had to really be strong with my filter I was doing a session on a woman and she was telling me that her boyfriend was in the other bedroom, and I said “Oh, he’s with his friend” and she goes “What?” and I said, “He’s with his friend. He’s playing video games?” and she goes, “Yes..” and I said, “But his friend is sitting next to him.” She runs out of the room, comes back, then says, “I think he needs to have a conversation with you.” and I described the friend and she said, “That friend just committed suicide.” Then I had a conversation with the boyfriend the next day. I’m telling him all these awesome things about the friend and eventually, the guy says, “You keep on describing him as this awesome individual but at the end of his life, he was an ogre. He was hard and he was really challenging to be around.” And this is where I slipped, my filter slipped, because in that moment, it dropped – and I shouldn’t have dropped it – but all of a sudden, I could see the version of what he was talking about — and this friend that had passed away, his energy was big and it was scary and it was in pain and it was really terrifying. So I was like no, no, no I need to put my filter back up because I am trying to speak to the truth. So we end the session and I go to take a shower. Now at the end of every session, I’ve got to close energy out. I have to do a whole series of closing out. I got distracted and didn’t close out. So I’m in the shower — I live by myself — and I could hear my dog, who doesn’t bark ever ever ever, attacking something in the house. So instantly I thought, ugh I forgot to close this spirit door. I told myself, “I have got to finish my shower because I’m about to be afraid and I’m not gonna do fear.” I finished my shower on my time. I walked out of my bathroom, because I could hear the kitchen furniture sliding across the floor. I walked out and when I turned the corner to find my dog, all of a sudden it felt like someone put a bag over my head and was choking me. It shocked me because I wasn’t expecting this. I quickly popped myself out and said, “if you’re going to touch me again, you have to make sure you come into this space in the way that I desire you to come in.” So I quickly changed their filter, then closed the spirit door then I was good. I went into the kitchen, all the furniture was moved, the dog was under the table, afraid. I called up this client and I asked, “I just want to know something out of my own curiosity. When I talked to your friend, I wasn’t asking about how he had killed himself. How did he kill himself?” He goes, “He put a bag over his head.” That would be an example of a really terrifying experience but that was my fault. I opened my mind to see something scary, then I left it there without changing it.

What do you wish more people knew about the paranormal?

I wish more people could understand completely that fear really is a choice. Fear is a choice and that’s hard to hear if you are experiencing something that is fearful, it’s hard to hear if you’re in a house that is experiencing a lot of activity but it’s always about exercising a choice muscle because, for example, you heard my story about the strangulation. I could’ve easily said “I have to move”. No, because guess what? It never came in again. You will only see scary stuff if you are afraid. I liken it to when you watch Shark Week, you’ll see people who are terrified of sharks but then you see the individuals who swim openly with them and the sharks never touch them. It’s all these vibrations that their hearts are giving off. The heart palpitations of fear is a different frequency the sharks can pick up on versus the frequency of having no fear.

Do you have a piece of advice for how someone could try not to be fearful?

When you are experiencing an element of fear, whether it's a shadow in the closet or a feeling of something under the bed, or a feeling of something in your basement — these are all very real — I encourage individuals to challenge themselves to look through it. What would it look like if there was a light in the closet or under the bed or in the basement? What would it look like? It would look like clarity. And you can do that with the lights on or the lights off because you put the light into the closet, or under the bed, or in the basement. It’s all about clarity. And clarity helps to move fear out. I think of fear like velcro. It will stick if you have the right adhesive to it.

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