7 Best Pieces of Evidence Recovered By the Expedition Bigfoot Team

Many claims of evidence of the elusive cryptid’s presence come from Kentucky and the Pacific Northwest.

A creature walks in the forest in Bhutan. It may look like a yeti or bigfoot.


A creature walks in the forest in Bhutan. It may look like a yeti or bigfoot.

Photo by: Istvan Hernadi photography... Mountain Visions

Istvan Hernadi photography... Mountain Visions

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Russ Acord and the Expedition Bigfoot crew have had their fair share of sasquatch encounters — even a skeptical cameraman is a believer after these compelling pieces of Bigfoot evidence.

1. While tracking Bigfoot in Washington State, Mireya captures massive heat signatures about 100 yards away from her on the thermal camera. She realized it wasn’t just one creature she saw in the distance—there were four of them, and they’re the biggest she’d ever seen.

2. While driving along a two-lane road known for Bigfoot sightings in eastern Washington, Bryce saw something cross the road in front of him. The thermal camera, which can see for up to a mile, didn’t detect anything in the woods nearby, but the night vision cameras on his vehicle spotted a bipedal creature running across the highway.

3. Mireya and Ronny found a strange, wooden shelter-like structure in a remote area of southeastern Kentucky. After surveying the scene, the two concluded that if the structure was man made, whoever built it would have needed to pack a ladder up the mountain to reach high enough into the trees to secure the branches.

4. While in Kentucky, Mireya and Ronny were hiking along an old mining road when they spotted a massive, well-defined footprint with five clear toe indentions, a defined arch, and a smooth heel. It was too large to be a bear print, and it had no tread marks like a shoe or boot would leave. It was also seen near a stand of cat tail plants, which are a noted source of Bigfoot food.

5. When Ronny mimicked a Bigfoot call along the edge of a stream on the Olympic Peninsula, Mireya captured a large, white heat signature across the river from her. The heat signature appeared to be a bipedal creature with several white orbs floating over its head, which is a common phenomenon in Bigfoot lore.

6. Russ stationed himself atop a cliff in Washington State before broadcasting the sound of a Bigfoot call originally recorded in Kentucky while Mireya and Ronny waited in the hollow below him. Within seconds of playing the Bigfoot call, they got a clear response back.

7. Russ found several clear footprints in the mud on a sandbar in Washington. The prints were scanned and analyzed, and an anthropologist concluded the impression was not left by a human and definitely was not a hoax.

Find out what else the team uncovered on Expedition Bigfoot, available to stream on discovery+.


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