13 Terrifying Pieces of Evidence from Ghost Hunters: TAPS Returns

The Atlantic Paranormal Society revisited the sites of their most active investigations.

The TAPS crew explore long-hidden prison cells at the Missouri State Penitentiary.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society revisited the sites of their most active investigations.

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from TRVL's "Ghost Hunters")

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from TRVL's "Ghost Hunters")

Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti traveled America to visit some of the scariest locations in the country.

Bloodiest 47 Acres Redux

After construction at the decommissioned Missouri State Penitentiary unearthed long-hidden prison cells, reports of paranormal activity soared. The prison, which housed bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd and assassin James Earl Ray, was opened in 1836 and always had tales of hauntings, but an uptick in activity after its closure is what originally drew the TAPS team to see if they could find out who is haunting the prison’s caretakers.

The Lost Souls of Joliet

TAPS was accompanied by the Destination Fear team when they returned to the Joliet Correctional Center in Joliet, Illinois. As Steve Gonsalves and Tanner Wiseman walk through death row, they hear disembodied footsteps and banging all around them. Meanwhile, in the east cell block, Jason Hawes feels as if somebody is next to him as he walks through the corridor.

Lost Bones of the Argo

Satori Hawes and her boyfriend, Cody Ray DesBiens, joined hands in the Argo Hotel in Croften, Nebraska, as they asked spirits to come forward. They made contact with a ghost who identified himself as Don, and Don had a message from beyond the grave.

The Haunted Brewery

A church-turned-brewery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is supposed to be haunted by a mysterious lady in white. As Jason and Steve head into the crawlspace below the church, they hear footsteps above them at the old altar. Later, when they review their audio for electronic voice phenomena, they hear a male voice say, “Jesus.”

The Castle Light Mystery

The team heads to Bacon’s Castle in Surry County, Virginia, where people have reported seeing ghostly orbs for decades. As Steve walks through the house, he stops to read some writing on the wall. As he reads it aloud, he starts to hear a sad moaning coming from the other room. The sobbing only gets louder as they look for the source.

Ghosts of Gaines Tavern

Jason and Steve encounter a female ghost at a Kentucky tavern. As they walk through the building, they hear footsteps above them. A female voice seems to beckon to them from the stairs, but all paranormal activity stops once they go upstairs.

A Boy and Buried Secrets

Jason and Steve search the attic at a Virginia winery with a tragic past. As they get close to the attic door, they hear humming from inside, and the EMF sensor lights up. Steve gets a surprise when he locks himself in the attic to try and reach a ghost named Benedict.

The Haunted House on the Hill

The new owners of a Tennessee farm house call TAPS after experiencing paranormal activity in their home. The residents often hear crashes in the living room and kitchen, so the TAPS team takes a seat in the living room to invite the spirits to speak with them. Later as the team reviews their footage, they see a shadow pass in front of the refrigerator.

The Girl With No Eyes

A century-old Kansas home is plagued by a paranormal entity, and the owners are desperate to figure out who is there. Dave plays a few bars on the piano at the home and then hears something shocking in his headphones.

Wraiths of Winchester

During an investigation at a Civil War-era home in Virginia, Steve and Jason encounter an entity that breathes in Jason’s ear and then follows Steve downstairs and out of the room. Later, as they review the camera footage, they can see a black, shadowy mass in the room where Steve had gone.

Moonshiner Spirits

When the TAPS team meets up with Adam Berry of Kindred Spirits and Dave Tango of Destination fear, they capture ghostly music as they walk through a haunted mansion in New Jersey. They play some old-time music for the spirits, and the entity causes a camera to shut off.

The Shadow Man

When the team investigates a haunting at an Ohio performing arts center, they see a shadow figure walk down the aisle in the auditorium. As they approach the place where it first appeared, they realize there is a single seat in the down position as if somebody was still sitting in it.

Tortured Souls of Cresson

The Ghost Brothers joined the TAPS team to investigate a closed sanatorium in Pennsylvania where they believe that a dark presence in the building is actually serial killer Joseph Kallinger. As the teams search for paranormal evidence, they hear multiple knocks and disembodied voices.

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